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   Tuesday, April 23, 2002  
song of today: Selena - dreaming of you

well not much has happened since i last blogged in here..i started my day by waking up thinking of going to school..but i just didnt feel like it..i texted noriza tellin her i was stayin home..whatta sweet friend am i huh?!..anyway..i go back to sleep and i wake up around 9..i called brian and he was at the renissance sounded like he was having SO MUCH FUN..hahahaha..yuh right..i got off the phone with him and went online..surprise one is on in the morning..WELL DUH everyones at school.. i left to go to the dentist and came back around 12:30..there was NOTHING TO DO!!.. that is the reason why i like keeps me busy..ahaha i went to sleep around 2 and woke up at 3..damit!!..usually i <3 sleeping..whats going on here?!? i stayed awake until i go to night school..katt was fuckin high..she was trippen hahaha..she put cologne all over the table so that they wouldnt be able to smell it..hahaha..i get home and boy am i poooooooped..i go online and talk to noriza..i talked to em last night too..we went on a date yesterday..yep! went to chuck e cheese..i let him pick what pizza we ate...SAUSAGE WITH PEPPERONI!!..we also had orange soda..GRrREAT!!
hahah whatta crazy guy eh?i kicked ass in grafiti today
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   Sunday, April 21, 2002  
song of today: Truth Hurts - addictive

well today is saturday..happy four2o folks!!.i woke up around 10..and i was pOOOOOOOPppppped..talked to noriza for a while..talked to brian for a while..i didnt leave my house till about and noriza went around the world..and ended up at her house..WE SUPPORTED A SOBER FOUR TWENTY!!! and gary came over to norizas and we all hung out..the sad thing though is that my friend jeremy got his car broken into..and they stole his radio..i feel bad even though we couldnt have done anything about it..its just the fact that it HAD to happen to him..SORRY JEREMY!!! =/

April 19, 2002 ..i had a tiring week actually..probably because i been sleeping i contemplated..and YES i am going to sleep early..didnt do much at was pretty boring..afterschool me and noriza went with jasam and mark to jasams..we ate pizza..yuM!..afterwards jasam took me and noriza to my house...erica and karen were their waiting for us to come for practice..WOopS..we made up a couple of steps and finally roxanne comes with the rest of the gang (mark,marywinkle,michelle,rassle and myke)..we practiced some more and left..we headed our ass' to sergios where we ate for a while..saw jenny..edmond..tribal..and justin...well im in a singing group now..called SERGIOS CHILD..yes..its true..we went to esthers and drank a lil..ok a lot..hahahhaa..we also went to ray mislans drinkup thang..when we got there i saw a lot of people i havent seen in a was pretty cool..i even saw my cousin and my godbrother there..hahah what the FaUCK? we stayed and chatted with a couple of people..i saw em..and i talked to him for a while..we finally left..and when i got home i was knocked the fuck out..brian called but i dont even remember what we talked about
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another recap

well what has been going on in my life lately..i havent wrote in here for a while..lets see
Friday, April 12, 2002 i went to mira mesas sadies..we wore cool ass sponge bob square pants shirts..we ate at soup plantation..and i must was my first time being there..YEAH you guessed a soup plantation virgin..well NOT ANYMORE IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!..after we went to the dance..i had fun..they had some amazing stuff there..AND an astro jump..who could ask for more?..i stuck balloons in my shirt to make crooked know the usual thang you do at a dance..i was pooped by the end of the night..
Saturday, April 13, 2002 i woke up at 6:30 by the ringing of my phone and i totally forgot that i had to go to a youth rally..i got up and got ready and headed over to arleens house with Kim and Amie..we left and went to L.A. the car ride there was a drag..maybe cause i was still so maricel and aileen fell asleep..we got there and i had so much fun..i dont go to those when i went i have to admit it was one of the best times i had..
Sunday, April 14, 2002 i finally got to talk to noriza..and we had A LOT to catch up on..see what happens when you dont talk to your bestfriend for a DAY?..weird..its as if we havent talked to each other in and mexichris came over..and we hung out..ate ice WORKS..we watched tv..and me and noriza played the 2 chris' in scrabble..noriza ended up leaving so it was 2 on 1..and let me tell you..i KICKED ass!!!!!!!!!!! i AM the scrabble queen......

the rest of the week was pretty much same ol..same ol.....started night school..bbbbbbooooooringggggggg....
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   Friday, April 12, 2002  
just a little recap

i havent wrote in here for a couple of days now..but im pretty sure no ones missed me that much..hahaha..whats been goin on since i last wrote in here you ask? i went to mira mesa on friday with noriza..jenny and rally to visit BG..i met all his band members..anyways..after that me and noriza went to my house and noriza had a stomach ache and stuff..we went to irenes and jeff..mitch and john picked me up..we went to hang out at green tea house but there was a grip load of people we left and went to lollicup..we chilled for a while and just went home..saturday we went cosmic bowling for our schools fundraiser thing..we saw the famous endless bummer again..theyre pretty cool..after we went to melodys party and hung out..visited donnas thing and went home around 1..OOH and i also passed my senior exhibition with flying colors..thank yoU thank yoU!..well thats take cares..
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   Thursday, April 04, 2002  
april 3, 2002 got home around 2:30..early huh!? yeah i know!..well anyway..i was going to take a quick nap and wake up to work on my exhibition project..i started my nap around 3..and when i woke was 7!! i was thinking "holey fucking moley!"..err i slept for 4 hours..and woke up STILL wanting to sleep..i hate that feeling..i grab my phone from my backpack..i was so tired that i didnt bother turning my ringer on..or even taking it out of my backpack for that matter..i had a missed call..i figured it would have been someone like noriza or somethin..i checked my missed call and to my said "john"..i checked the time and it was around 3:45..i was like..oh he probably just called to say hi and what i called him back..i forgot i called him on my house phone..sO i was wondering why he didnt know it was me..DUuHH im stupid..anyway..i asked him "did you call me earlier?".. and he says "yeah i called cause i wanted to hang out"..i was like..oOh shit? hahah..i told him i was sleeping and that i just woke up a couple of minutes ago..he was at his friends house with tony..working on hw or something..he asked me if he could try and stop by if he gets done early and i said sure why not..and got off the phone..i called noriza and boy was i pissed!! hahaha..ok not pissed..just dissapointed..i said to her "I AM NEVER SLEEPING AGAIN!!"..ok well..nap-wise that is..i convinced her to call gary cus she was scared..and i called up my bestfriend..we talked for a while..but he didnt do his i got off with him so he could get cracken..noriza calls me back and tells me that gary or her hung up and no one will call each other she made me call him and tell him to call her..whatta nerd!! hahaha..after that i just went to sleep..187 naps 187
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   Wednesday, April 03, 2002  
song of today: blink182 - first date

sometimes i dont know if i put the same bare with me..well..Phew i havent wrote in here for a late happy in my 4th as usual..eating pistachios that my friend lean gave me..these things are ADDICTING!..well whats been going on lately??..on saturday i hung out with my 5th period gang..we chilled went to belmont and i slept at my cousins house.easter was BOORRRINGGG..i didnt do shit..oh well its ok..monday was a great day i'll tell you! first it started out pretty gay though..considering it was the first day back from spring bestfriend bought me a little cow finger was great..i flicked everyone off with it..i talked to noriza most of the day..went to buy some mexican food..and sat around being lazy..when all of a sudden..i hear a beep on my phone..i thought it was gonna be someone i usually talk to when BAM!!..i saw the name on the phone "john".. yeah you guessed it..he called..i was overwhelmed with excitement..i talked to him for a while cus i guess he was with his friends..he asked me if i wanted to hang out this weekend and i said sure..why not? he told me he'd call me back later..i went back to talk to noriza..and i couldnt even say a word..i was totally speechless..later on that night he called me back..i didnt know that it was him cus it was a different number..when i found out it was him i wacked myself in the face with a piece of string..good job..i cant help it if hes hot..anyway..he asked me what we were going to do this weekend..but also said it wasnt sure yet..soO im not trippen..its cool how i saw him so many times before..but never said anything till now..that was a pretty good day though..i worked long and hard over my senior exhibition project..and i hope i can get it done in time..this is going to be one busy ass week!!! ..full of stress and depression hahah..i hate school so much!!..oh well..i just ate the last of my pistachios..boy am i pretty bummed..its 10:55 and i dont know what else to do..i have 35 more minutes.. BOoo TO sCHOOL!
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   Saturday, March 30, 2002  
song of today: r kelly/jayz - take you home

i didnt get to go to canes! boooooooo to that..i woke up and hung out with irene..we went to the mall to get her brother some lotion and shit..we picked up noriza and went to my house..we sat around and did nothing..around 9..randy and matt came to pick us up to get food..we went to burger king but ended up just getting fries at mc donalds..haha..we went to jae'bos in woodman and waited for jers,kevin,ian and alain..kevins a cutie when they came we just ended up sitting there doing nothing still..haha..noriza gave them her fries and i felt stupid cus right after i go "you guys want some fries!"..they were like "nah its coo..we got some already thanks twinkle"..and being the stupid person i am..i didnt realize that noriza gave them her fries and i go "WOW! whatta coincidence! you guys went to mcdonalds too!"....::hits head::...great!..oh well..after we went to annas and just drove by..we dropped off noriza and went to starbucks and matt got me a drink..i decided to just go home because there was nothing else to they had to go back to annas to give her their case you havent noticed..i always do my entries the next day rather then the end of the night.....GRrr..=/
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   Thursday, March 28, 2002  
song of today: mc hammer - cant touch this

today was an outstanding day..i woke up at 10..and i felt quite refreshed..i went online to plan a bonfire with noriza..i wasnt going to have it at first because everyone was telling me that it was gonna rain..but then rally told us that he would take us to get the wood and i told whoever wanted to just go..and i got ready and went to norizas around 5..i got her house and there were like 8394823482304832048 million people at manila tokyo..i was like what the fuck!?..rally and them came and when we went outside..rally said that ree and ben were down the street trying to meet the "HUNKS" or whatever..hahaha..anyways..we left and went to ralphs to get lighter fluid and left to go to the bonfire..the crates were so heavY! noriza and ree only carried one..hahaha..people didnt start coming till 8..i was like what the &$@^..not much people went..but to those who did go..THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY!! haha..we kept running out of wood..but thank god for the other people who were there..they let us take however much wood we needed for our fire..there ARE good people out there..Em went today!..i havent seen him for a while..and when i did..i dont was just really cool..hes a great person..and super cute..well we all chilled..gwyn kept fuckin with all the lighter fluid..that bastard..hahaha..we left early cus cops were there and some people werent 18..didnt wanna get busted and i just ended up going i am..its pretty early but im tired anyway..goodnight folks! tomorrows another day =) canes here i come!!!! muahahah.
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